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Yoga is a wonderful way to balance the body and the mind.
Join us in the practice for a strong, flexible body and quite-clear mind.
Explore the wonders of yoga and enhance your life.

אינדיוגה לוגו נפרד

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The classes are for all levels and ages – in English\Hebrew 


Yoga In Groups

Body and Mind

Hatha Vinyasa style for all levels in Kibbutz Einat

Yoga For Companies

Finding peace in the workplace

Designed yoga classes for the group’s level and abilities

Private classes

Designed to your needs

Combining your expectations with your physical abilities
אינדיוגה לוגו נפרד

Yoga enhances your life

There are many benefits to yoga, let us present you to a few of them :
When you are practising Asanas (postures), Pranayama (control of breath) and Dhyana (meditation) you increase your flexibility in movement and thought. You are also encouraging a faster metabolism, 
strenghten your body muscles and expanding your breath that helps you being calmer.

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