Yoga For Companies

I invite you to create a pleasant and balanced space at your work place.
In life we often feel stressed and in many cases it also involves our job in the work place.
All of us want to feel full of energies and vitality In the workplace as well as in our private life and this is where yoga steps in.
What a yoga class involved and its benefits:

  • Strengthening the body’s muscles while being attentive to its needs.
  • Flexibility and balance.
  • Breathing exercises.
  • Finding a space of tranquillity or a break by quieting the mind.
  • Re energizing your mind and spirit.
  • Relaxation and stress relief.
  • Mental awakening.

How does yoga practice affect productivity at work?

The combination of yoga classes as a part of the work routine allows space to balance stress during work. The recess that the worker takes in order to practice, fertilizes and calming the consciousness so that after the practice the mind is fresh and flexible in dealing with new and existing situations.
Perseverance in the practice creates and transforms new and healthier habits in and out of the office.
Such as posture, whether sitting, standing or walking.
In most workplaces workers spend their time sitting most of the day and proper holding of the body is necessary to protect the body from pain and physical problems due to wrong posture.
Yoga becomes a therapeutic tool when some of us already have existing problems that through practice can reduce and improve and enhance our overall health.
At the social level, the yoga practice brings with it a space that contributes to group dynamics by sharing a positive experience.

Is practicing yoga suitable for everyone?

Most definitely. The classes are for beginners and for all levels.
The practice is build especially for you according to the needs and level of the group and will take place at the time that is most convenient for your company.
Classes can take place on a weekly base, as a part of a social activity or as a workshop.
I would be happy to take part in creating a pleasant and balanced space in your workplace.
For any further information, please contact me.

אינדיוגה לוגו ראשי


méditation yoga


Prana means vital force and Ayama means control. Therefore Pranayama is ''control of breath''. By controlling our breath we expand the vital energy in our bodies.

sun salutation yoga

Warm up

It's essential to warm up the body before starting the practice. We use the Sun salutations (a short sequence of postures that is more dynamic than the rest of the practice) in order to do so.

Dessin bleu d'une posture de yoga


We use a variety of different Asanas (body postures) when each Asana focuses on a different part of the body.

méditation yoga


At the end of each class we focus our attention on our own breath. Meditation is a tool to achieve a clear and calm state of mind.