Yoga In Private Groups

I invite you to join my group yoga classes in Kibbutz Einat where you can find a peaceful and inviting environment.
The classes take place in small intimate groups that allows much space and attention for the parctituner's needs.
The morning classes will help you start the day in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere when the evening classes will re energize your body and mind towards the end of the day.

The Hatha-Vinyasa practice style - we balance body work that strengthen the muscles and makes them more flexible altogether with finding space to enter a meditative state of mind with the help of our breath.
In the practice, we find motion altogether with being static, being dynamic and finding place for stability by listening to our body. The practice helps us create a healthy relationship between the body, mind and spirit.

Yoga classes in a calm and pastoralic surronding in a small and quiet Kibbutz just near by Rosh Ha'ayin.
Bring comfortable clothes, a bottle of water and a towel (if needed)

אינדיוגה לוגו נפרד

Yoga sequence

You will find the elements of our yoga sequence below:

méditation yoga


Prana means vital force and Ayama means control. Therefore Pranayama is ''control of breath''. By controlling our breath we expand the vital energy in our bodies.

sun salutation yoga

Warm up

It's essential to warm up the body before starting the practice. We use the Sun salutations (a short sequence of postures that is more dynamic than the rest of the practice) in order to do so.

Dessin bleu d'une posture de yoga


We use a variety of different Asanas (body postures) when each Asana focuses on a different part of the body.

méditation yoga


At the end of each class we focus our attention on our own breath. Meditation is a tool to achieve a clear and calm state of mind.